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New Pics added

I have searched through some of the recent vacation pics and added them to the individual picture pages at the top. As well, I came across a couple older pics I liked and added those as well.

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Back home and relaxed

Well, we are finally back home and relaxed after our trip. The kids had a great time and Deva and I were glad to be able to do it for them. Funny enough though, we weren’t even home before we started thinking about where our next trip would be.

At any rate, unpacking we will go in the meantime!

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Stone Mountain

Arriving at Stone Mountain Thursday morning, they were just opening up the gates. Unfortunately, they had a delay in processing ticket orders, so we had to wait a little while, but it was very much worth it. We got the all-day Adventure passes and the kids had the best time. Kaya, though scared a couple of times on the Sky Hike, continued through the first two levels 10 and 20ft in the air). Bella dominated the Family Adventure course with Mommy looking on while we were on the Platform performing the Sky hike. The boys breezed through all three levels of the Sky Hike and then the Rock Wall. After that, we went and experienced the 4-D movie “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, which was pretty much awesome! We then ate at the Georgia Railroad Burger Company, which was quite possibly the worst meal on our trip. It was very expensive and the food tasted like it was from a high school cafeteria. Oh yeah, and no free refills, you have to purchase a new drink altogether.

After that, we got on the train and began our trek around the mountain. Though the girls quickly grew tired of the ride, the boys seemed to enjoy it. When we got off the train, we made our way to the Sky Lift and all rode to the top of the mountain. The kids had a blast though Deva was a little chilly with all the wind up there. After descending, we took the kids to the Great Barn and they played and ran and enjoyed the rest of our time there. We left at 5pm as the park attractions were closing and began our return home. And boy were we glad to finally arrive!

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Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta was wonderful! It was very easy to get around and they had a great number of exhibits. The gorilla exhibit was exceptionally interesting as they had a very close section of viewing right next to where a group of gorillas were sitting. Young ones were tussling, and one even got super brave and harassed the adult male in the group. This, of course, led to a swift rebuke by the adult male and ended up with a body slam. The young one then was quickly coddled by the female in the group. Very enthralling, indeed!

The kids also enjoyed a rock wall set up in the park. The weather was grand so we thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

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Fernbank Museum of Natural History

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History was an unexpected joy. While I knew it would be interesting, I did not think the girls would enjoy the static exhibits as much as they did. The “Walk Through Time in Georgia Exhibit” was fun, and the kids really liked it (except for when we passed through the swamp and Kaya saw the stuffed alligator).

Everyone enjoyed the “Sensing Nature” room. There were tons of  great interactive games that we all enjoyed!

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CNN “Behind the Scenes” Tour – Terra Cotta Soldiers

The Roberts Family got to experience two very unique things today. We went on the CNN World Headquarters tour today. We saw a few of the behind the scenes scenarios to todays live broadcast. As well, we explored a couple of the Turner Broadcasting network shops offering their cablewares.

Bella got her picture taken at a CNN Broadcasting desk. And since we do not have a scanner with us, I will have to upload the pic of her later.

What I do not have pictures of are the exhibits of the High Museum of Art’s “The First Emperor” exhibit. Several of the terra cotta soldiers were on display, as well as many other artifacts from the same period.  The girls were, of course, bored to death with the exhibit, but it was nonetheless enthralling to a history buff.

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