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Cambodia Mission Trip – March 2013

First, I would like to thank all who have supported my wife and me to raise the funds for our trip to Cambodia. To say the experience was amazing is a vast understatement. The people of Cambodia are a wonderful, open and friendly people. Christ’s light shines brilliantly in their hearts and is a beacon of hope. The workers at Hard Places Community face challenges daily that would seemingly consume and overtake us. The children are jubilant and promising considering the darkness that surrounds.

While there, we served in several capacities. Our team offered “Compassion Fatigue training” by Dr. Beverly Smallwood. This training focused on the fatigue that workers there feel constantly while facing the pain and evil on a daily basis. It teaches them it is ok to deal with their feelings, that they are not weak Christians, but strong warriors. We also offered self-defense training by Sam Pike, and our Pastor Dwayne Higgason. These workers face dangers at the hands of pimps, street thugs, and irate family members for intervening in the money-making of selling these children. We taught discipleship classes. We led Kids Club, a 2-hour festival of Bible lesson, crafts, snacks and fun. We went on home visits and were able to sit and pray with people who face hardships each day. We sat and played with these wonderful children daily. We saw smiles and laughter. We saw tears and pain. Words cannot encompass what visiting and working with these people does to your heart.

Once again, for those who have supported, financed, encouraged, and prayed for this to happen, I humbly say “Thank you.”

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