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Gustav in the Gulf

Evacuations continue today along the Gulf Coast as Hurricane Gustav continues on a collision course with the Gulf Coast. Landfall is expected late on Monday morning as at least a strong Category 3 storm, the same strength of Hurricane Katrina when it devastated the region three years ago.

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Gustav almost in the Gulf – Hanna on her way west

Gustav and Hanna swirling
Gustav and Hanna swirling

AccuWeather Headline

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Gustav Models

Latest models from show the predicted paths, mostly from Lake Ponchartrain west towards Galveston, TX.

Below is a pic of current Gustav models. However, please note, the National Hurricane Center has issued it’s own statements about using computer models.  Also, included is the National Hurricane Center 5-day cone.

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Gustav moves a little west

This thing had a predicted path coming right up our back door, but it has moved west for now.

Current 5 day forecast 

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Hurricane Gustav kicks in a notch

Current 5-day cone projects this thing in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday at around 8 am. Winds right now up to 90 mph.

Current Satellite Image

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Bella’s 5th Birthday Fiesta

Bella had a spectacular birthday fiesta. We had Mexican food, PB&J sandwiches and of course cake & ice cream. All the kids loved beating the Tinkerbell piñata.  They lounged in the lovely kiddie pool and cooled off on the Slip and Slide.

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