“Kaya” is named after the Bob Marley song. “Kaya” means enlightenment in the Rastafari dialect. In the Hopi language, it means “elder little sister”. It was the name of a 6th century Korean kingdom. The name survives in the name of twelve-stringed instrument (kayagum) developed there. In Japanese, it means summer night or the name of a type of Yew tree.  In Sanskrit, Kaya is one of the words that refers to a body, or a form. In Buddhism,  it specifically refers to the three bodies in which beings manifest (trikaya). The Dharmakaya is the enlightened manifestation. The Sambogakaya is a step down from that, I think kind of like an energy body, not quite enlightened, but not as bound as humans. The Nirmanakaya is the manifest physical form.


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