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Deva’s Funky Chicken

8 chicken breasts halves
pack of bacon
1 (4 oz.) pkg. dried beef
2 can cream of chicken soup
pt. sour cream
Garden rotini pasta

Soak dried beef in warm water for 30 seconds. Season chicken with salt and pepper to taste. Wrap each breast half in a 2-3 slices of dried beef, then 2 slices of bacon. Arrange the chicken breast at the bottom of the pan. Mix the cream of chicken soup and sour cream together and pour over the chicken breasts and dried beef. Bake at 350 degrees for 1.5 or at 400 degrees for a little over one hour. Serves over rotini.

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Heading to Karate Camp

I am leaving today to go to our bi-annual karate camp in Hazlehurst, MS. I am testing for my second degree black belt, and a little nervous about it.

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New Family Member

Just wanted to update that we have a new furry member of the family. We adopted an orange tabby from a local non-kill shelter. I have named him Fuji and he is quite content with that.

He and our big kitty Spike are getting along well. After Spike established himself as the alpha male, he began teaching kitty how to wrestle, tumble and tussle. I think he will be teaching him how to hunt and fish next. I will post pics later.

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Clean and Clear now

Aside from some rain and a little flickering of lights, everything was fine here in the Pine Belt.  We still have a few tornado warnings and watches in the area, but for the most part, everything is ok.

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