Election 2008

While I am not pleased with the election of a liberal President, who has made it apparent that “socialistic”¬†economics are a solution for America, I do believe it is time to stand up and go forward now. Our current President has been disgraced and left humiliated, not by his own actions and policies, but by the shallow and vain left of this country who have permeated every inch of the media. They have persecuted and crucified a man, who isn’t perfect, but had definitely been a better and stronger President than Jimmy Carter. And Carter even got the Nobel Peace Prize. Though I expect failures and mistakes by President-elect Obama, we should not throw him to the wayside as our current President has been. We can only judge after the fact, and though they may be right or wrong, we must defend our President.

My President is my President, and I will continue to defend his Office I am pleased to see America finally move past racial barriers visibly to the rest of the world. Not that I believe they were there in the first place, but because now there can be no more excuses. Now there can be no more legitimate apathy.

Now it is time to move on.

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